Planmeca 3D

We are proud to say that our office has invested in a PlanMeca 3D machine. This machine will give us a CBCT (3 dimensional) dental scan of the jaw bones and teeth that provides the following:

  • Visualizes internal anatomy that cannot be diagnosed externally.
  • Gives exceedingly more information than just a 2D radiograph can provide.
  • Gives bone density to determine the optimum area to place dental implants.
  • Shows us where structures such as the nerves are located.
  • Diagnoses a cracked tooth (which cannot be seen on a 2 dimensional radiograph).
  • Helps in diagnosing and treatment planning.

The PlanMeca 3D machine is designed for safety. The scan is very fast (approximately 30 seconds) as compared to a regular CT scan which takes several minutes. The scan is performed in a standing position and there is no special preparation needed (except for the removal of glasses, earrings, and necklaces).

We are the only general dentistry practice in Montgomery and Frederick counties that has this PlanMeca 3D, further demonstrating our committment to using the most advanced forms of technology.

The following are examples of findings that were located in a CBCT scan:

Cracked Tooth                             Cyst in Bone



Supernumerary (extra) Tooth

Patient A: Side View                     Patient A: Front View



Supernumerary (extra) Tooth


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